Revv would be happy to power your online fundraising. We currently support non-profits, educational institutions, churches, political campaigns, PACs and similar causes.

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You can also contact us by emailing us at [email protected].

Can my cause use Revv?

Revv unfortunately isn't a good fit for everyone. Revv is a powerful tool, and tends to only work well with established organizations. If you're fundraising for a personal cause or project, you're probably better off using a crowdfunding platform. Reach out to us if you need suggestions!

There are some organizations Revv won't work with.

Revv uses an approval process designed to make sure Revv is right for your organization. All new organizations must be approved by Revv before you can publish a donation page on our platform. Any organizations that we believe violate our terms of service, or are misleading to donors will be removed from the platform.

We believe fighting online fraud is everyone's responsibility. We refuse to allow our technology to be used by illegitimate organizations or 'scam PACs'. We refuse to work with any organizations we deem illegitimate or deceptive at our sole discretion.

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