Revv integrates directly with Crowdskout. When you connect your Crowdskout account to Revv, your donors' page views and donations will flow into your Crowdskout dashboard. Revv also passes through UTM parameters into Crowdskout's advanced tracking tool.

How to connect Revv to Crowdskout

  1. In your Revv account, head to the Utilities dropdown at the top of your screen
  2. Choose Integrations from the menu
  3. Click the green + sign to add a new integration
  4. Choose Crowdskout from the list of available integrations and click Connect to Crowdskout

    This integration uses Oauth, which means you may need to enter your Crowdskout credentials if you're not already logged into your account. Once you authorize Revv to connect, you will be redirected back to Revv
  5. Toggle the integration to active and click save

If you have any trouble with Crowdskout itself, head to their support site here:

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