Revv allows you to embed donation, event, and product forms on your website with an iframe. 

You can easily add the embed code into your WordPress site, Drupal site, or any other type of website or blog you may have.

How to grab the embed code:
Click Advanced from within a page's settings, and click the "Allow your page to be iframed" checkbox. You'll then see a list of Allowed Domains and the Source Code you'll use to add the form to your site. 

Important Notes:  

  • You must be using HTTPS to load your website and you can only embed on the domains that have been verified in your Revv account. A "verified" domain is one that you put in Settings > Info > Website or the domain that you set up with your custom subdomain.
  • In addition to iframes being less secure, It is harder to track your marketing campaign sources and UTMs when you use an iframe as compared to a standard Revv page. We generally advise against iframing your donation forms, but we understand there are cases where you would want to use them.
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