Recurring donations can easily be canceled. Follow the steps below and let us know if you need any help!

If You Have a Revv Account

1.Log-in to Your Account
Head to

2. Go to Your Profile
You can access that here:

3. Look for the 'Subscriptions' Tab
If this tab isn't available, that means you don't have a recurring donation tied to your account. Please fill out this form to confirm with our team.

If you do see the tab, click into it. You will see all active subscriptions here.

4. Find the Subscription You Want to Cancel
From the list available, find the recurring donation you are looking to turn off. Once its found click the ellipses next to it (Click the '...') and select 'Cancel'

5. Confirm Cancellation
On the next screen you will be asked to confirm. Once you have done so, your donation will be turned off.

Need a refund? Click here.

Check out this video guide:

If you don't have a Revv account

No Revv account? No problem, we can still help you out.

The best way is to Reclaim your account

  1. Navigate to our Reclaim Account Form

  2. Enter your email address and click reclaim

  3. Check your email for a secure link to your temporary account

  4. You can now see your donation history and create a password so you can have an account for the future. 

You can also fill out this form

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