Revv is an online donation platform for organizations. Our mission is to help campaigns, nonprofits, and other organizations reach their true online fundraising potential by making online donations as easy as possible. The way we do this is through 'one-click' donations.

Revv works by giving donors the option of creating a Revv account while making a donation. This securely saves their account and payment information into their logged-in account.

With an account, donors have the ability to donate to any organization using Revv in just one click. As a result, organizations using Revv's one-click technology experience higher conversion rates and raise more money online. On average, the conversion rate for Revv donor users is 5x higher than for regular donors. Revv donor users also give 5x more money per email received than regular donors.

As donors save accounts with Revv, they become part of the growing Revv donor network. While they may have created an account through one organization using Revv, they can now give to any other organization, fueling a network effect of accounts benefiting all Revv users.

Revv is built on Stripe's PCI-compliant payments API used by many notable internet giants including Lyft, Adidas, Slack, Kickstarter, and over 100,000 other online businesses. Credit card information never touches Revv's servers.

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