Revv's upsell feature allows you to maximize the impact of your donors by adding additional actions after they make a donation. You can add upsells to any page.

To add an upsell step, click the Pages dropdown and select Upsells. After you create an upsell, you need to add it to an Upsell Group before you're able to utilize it on a page.

Types of upsells

Recurring upsells

Recurring programs are a powerful way to keep your donors engaged and provide your organization predictable monthly revenue. The recurring upsell checks to see if a donor has started a recurring subscription or not when they made their donation. If they have not yet opted into a subscription, this gives them the option to start one for the amount of their donation.

You can also set the time interval for the recurring donation. If you've enabled monthly recurring donations on the form, the recurring upsell will be monthly. If you've enabled weekly recurring donations, then the upsell will be weekly.

Double upsells

When someone donates to your organization, they're identifying themselves as someone who cares enough about your organization to invest in it. The double upsell allows donors to create a second donation that doubles their total donation to you.

Product upsells

This upsell feature gives you the ability to ask donors if they would like to purchase an item from your store after their initial donation. You can add pictures of the product, set prices, and add descriptions of each item.

Password upsells

This upsell step asks donors to enter a password to create a Revv account. Signing up for an account allows donors the ability to more easily give to your organization as allows them to manage their account info, view their donation history, and manage their recurring plans. Donors who sign up for a Revv account can be sent one-click donation emails, which boosts the conversion rate for them the next time they donate.

Content upsells
This upsell allows you to add some sort of content - like a thank you video or Facebook embed for users to interact with before going to the next upsell or confirmation. Read More

Custom Amount Upsells
This upsell allows you to ask for an additional donation or recurring plan - like becoming a $25 monthly subscriber after an initial donation was given. Read More

Customizing upsells

For all upsells, you can customize the copy to get donors to take action. You can also customize the accept button to match your call to action. Remember that if you add too much text to the accept and decline buttons, the text will run over the button.

Upsells can be edited and reordered at any time once they've been saved. To edit a previously saved upsell, click the name of the upsell step (located on top of the page) to display its settings. Rearrange the order of the upsells by dragging and dropping them into the order you want.

To remove an upsell step from your form, click the red Remove upsell button on the bottom of the page builder.

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