Revv's one-click donation technology allows logged-in Revv donors to make payments in a single click from within a fundraising email.

When you link to your donation page in your email service provider (ESP), you need to add several URL parameters to trigger one-click donations. One-click links need the following parameters:

  • Page URL

  • Donor's email address

  • amount

  • oc=true

NOTE: Revv has removed the campaign ID requirement in older versions of Revv.

First, add the URL for the landing page you want your campaign to be associated with.

Next, add the email variable you would like to pass in as a URL parameter. This is the variable you find in your ESP's settings that allow you to pass in a unique email for each donor you send the email to (It's usually something like [%email%], but it varies from one ESP to the other). An example of an email URL parameter would be ?email=[%email%]. This variable gets replaced by your ESP within your URL once you send the email. We require passing through the donor's email address to validate that you know who you're asking to donate.

Add your amount in dollar terms as &amount=3, meaning a $3.00 would be passed through as "3" (Additionally, a $2.50 donation can still be passed through as "2.5").

Finally, add the following parameter to the end of your URL: &oc=true. This tells Revv to try to process a one-click donation.

Your finished one-click URL would look something like this:[email protected]&amount=10&oc=true

As with all URL parameters, always start the first parameter in the URL with ? and all subsequent parameters with &, as shown in the example above.

Some notes about one-click donations

A donor cannot process a one-click donation unless they are logged in to Revv on their browser. If they are not logged in, they will be taken to a regular donation form where they can make a regular donation.

A user may be logged out of their account if they clear their browser cookies. If they are using a different browser than the one they logged into Revv on, they will not be logged in to Revv.

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