You can send emails to recurring subscribers that allow them to easily opt out of their subscription. Revv's out-of-the-box's receipts automatically include this link on all recurring donation receipts, but you can send emails yourself as well manually.

Your mail will need to include a unique opt-out link that sends donors to a Revv landing page with an 'unsubscribe' button. Revv's recurring unsubscribe links work by referencing the Stripe customer ID and subscription ID to allow us to find the subscription and cancel it.

You can get the Stripe customer ID and subscription ID from your Stripe dashboard.

1. Go to your Stripe dashboard and click subscriptions.

2. Export a list of subscriptions.

3. Upload the subscriptions file to your Email Service Provider (ESP). Make sure you properly map the subscription ID, customer ID and the email for each recipient.

4. To build the opt-out link, you'll need to set up the subscriber ID and customer ID as variables within the URL. You'll need to reference the unique customer ID and subscription ID for each recipient.

5. The Revv opt-out link will look something like this, depending on how your ESP populates variables within emails:[CUSTOMER ID VARIABLE GOES HERE]&sub_id=[SUBSCRIPTION ID VARIABLE GOES HERE]

6. When you send out your opt-out email, your ESP will replace the customer ID and subscription ID with the correct IDs, so that the link would look something like this:

Important Note: Double check your opt-out links on a test subscription to make sure you've got this right. If the link doesn't include a valid customer ID and subscription ID, the page will error out.

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