Fundraiser IDs are a great way to incentivize your strongest supporters to fundraise for your cause on your behalf. Fundraiser IDs are IDs you can assign to your supporters to keep track of how much money they've raised for your cause. Fundraiser ID fields appear at the bottom of your forms and can be edited by donors when they make their donation.

Fundraiser IDs are generally numbers but they can be anything. If you give one of your supporters a Fundraiser ID, say "123", you can use the Fundraiser ID to track all donations back to supporter "123".

Fundraiser IDs work on all forms, but you can decide to display them in your page builder. You can prefill the fundraiser ID for a payment whether you include the field on your page or not. Simply add the following bundler_id parameter to your supporter's url to track donations from that page back to them:

The above url would track all donations made through that page back to Fundraiser 123.

How to add a Fundraiser ID to a page

1. Go to the page you want to add a Fundraiser ID to in your page builder
2. Go to Fields in the left sidebar.
3. Scroll down to Additional fields and check Show fundraiser ID.
4. Click Save.

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