Revv writes all of the data entered into donation pages fields to donations. Revv can also write this data as metadata to customers and charges in your Stripe account. This is helpful if you use Stripe with other platforms, or if your team prefers managing reporting and compliance from Stripe directly.

By default, Revv automatically writes data like name, email and address as metadata to charges and customers in your Stripe account.You can customize what metadata is written to Stripe in your settings.

How to customize Stripe metadata

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click Stripe.

3. Select whether to customize Stripe charge or Stripe customer objects.

4. By default, Revv passes through common fields to both objects, but you can add and subtract them at will.

5. If you want to add a new field, click the green + button at the bottom of the table.

6. Enter the exact Stripe metadata key name you would like to write to Stripe. This is the name of the field as it will appear in Stripe. If you are already using certain fields, it's important to match them exactly to how they appear in Stripe already.

7. Select the Revv field you would like to write to that key. Revv will always add an option for a field whenever you create it on any page.

8. You an write a static value to your Stripe key if you would like to simply write the same value for all donations. Some organizations find this helpful when they want to tag all payments as coming from Revv.

9. Click Save at the bottom of the page

10. You're all set!

Important note

There is a strict limit of 19 fields that can be written to Stripe metadata. Stripe won't let you add any more fields to customers or charges.

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