The following guide will help you connect individual organization accounts to your agency account.

Create new Organizations as an Agency:

If you have a Revv agency account, you can create organizations that are automatically connected to your agency.

1. Click the green + button above the list of connected organizations on your agency homepage.

2. Enter the organization name.

3. Select the type for the organization. This sets various default settings depending on what type of organization you select. For example, if you select a political type, Revv will set a maximum contribution amount and include employer fields on your pages by default.

4. Enter the contact email for the organization. This will be the reply-to email address for any organization receipts that are sent using Revv.

5. Enter a slug for the organization. This is the unique value for Revv to build your subdomain from. For example, if you enter the term "yourcause" as the organization slug, the subdomain Revv will automatically publish pages to will be "". You can change this slug later, and even customize the subdomain the pages are published on to match your organization's website domain.

6. Set the default fee that will be added to pages if you add your agency to the organization's pages. This default fee can be changed on each page. This is optional.

7. Accept the terms of use on behalf of the organization.

8. Click Create organization.

Connecting an Agency to Your Organization

You can give an agency access to your organization account. In order to do this, you'll need to have the agency you're trying to connect send you the agency ID for their account.

To find the agency ID, a user for the agency will have to do the following:

1. Go to your agency's settings

2. Click on Organizations

3. Copy the agency ID

4. Send the agency ID to the organization

To add the agency to your organization:

1. Go to your organization's settingsĀ 

2. Click the green + button.

3. Click Add agency.

4. Enter the agency ID that the agency gave you.

5. Click Connect agency.

Adding Existing Organization to your Agency

If you have an agency account, you can connect existing Revv accounts to your agency. To do this, you'll need to get the organization ID from the organization you're trying to connect. Have them copy and send you their organization ID.

To find an organization ID:

1. Go to your settings

2. Click on Agencies

3. Copy the organization ID

To add the organization to your Agency:

1. Go to Agency settingsĀ 

2. Click Add Existing Organization, enter the organization ID.

3. You can also set a default fee if you plan on doing any revenue-sharing programs with the organization. This fee will be added to any page that you add your agency to by default when creating the page.

4. Click Connect Organization

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