Revv's FTP integration allows you to post reports to an SFTP server. To do this, you must first set up an FTP integration in Revv. You can then select that integration when you build your scheduled or one-time reports.

You can add multiple FTP integrations to your Revv account to support sending your reports to different FTP servers.

Revv only uses SFTP -- Revv does not support regular FTP.

How to add an FTP integration

  1. In your Revv account, head to the Utilities dropdown at the top of your screen

  2. Choose Integrations from the menu

  3. Click the green + button in the Integrations panel

  4. Find FTP from the list of available integrations

  5. Enter the Username for your FTP server

  6. Enter the Password for your FTP server

  7. Enter the FTP address for your FTP server

  8. Enter the FTP path for your FTP server. This can be just the folder name or it can include subfolder names (For example, "foldername/subfoldername")

  9. Toggle the integration to Active

  10. Click Save

You can now send reports to this integration using the Reports tool in your Revv dashboard.

Note: You cannot start off your directory with a forward slash (i.e /example). This will lead to a directory error. 

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