You can use shortcodes on Revv pages to personalize your fundraising appeals. Shortcodes allow you to display dynamic content on your page. You can add shortcodes in the page builder tool and then pass through the dynamic values via URL parameter.

How to add a shortcode to a page

  1. Go to the pagebuilder for the page you want to add a shortcode to.

  2. Click on Creative on the sidebar and scroll down to Call to Action

  3. Insert your shortcode into the body like this: {{desiredshortcode}}

  4. Create a URL that directs donors to this page, including the following string at the end of the URL in order to function: ?desiredshortcode=dynamic_value.
    You can add default values to display if there is no dynamic value that has been passed into the field: {{first-name default="Friend"}}

  5. Click Save. 

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