To connect your Revv account to your Iterable account, you'll need:

  1. Get your Iterable API key

  2. Add the integration to your Revv account

Getting your Iterable API keys:

  1. Log into your Iterable account

  2. Click Integrations in the left menu

  3. Click API keys

  4. Click Create new API key

  5. Select the Standard API type

  6. Click Create

  7. Copy the API key

Since Iterable is a separate platform, refer to their help docs if you are having issues

Setting up Iterable in Revv:

  1. In your Revv account, head to the Utilities dropdown at the top of your screen

  2. Choose Integrations from the menu

  3. Click the green + button

  4. Select Iterable from the list of available integrations

  5. Enter the API key you copied from your Iterable account

  6. Enter the List ID of any custom subscriber lists you would like to add your donors or petition signers to. This is optional

  7. To pass any extra data to your Iterable account, you can add custom fields to the integration.

    Select the green + button to add a new custom field. Enter a name for the field as you want it to appear in Iterable. Select the custom field from the list of available Revv fields in the dropdown

  8. Toggle the integration to active

  9. Click save

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