Revv offers both Agency accounts and Revv Share accounts. They are similar, but there are some key differences between the two.

As an Agency you can:

  • Add as many organizations as you want. 

  • Create a new organization or connect an existing organization (Learn how to connect Agencies and Organizations

  • Add as many users as you want- no complicated approval process required.  

  • Split fees seamlessly- enter the percentage in, fees are automatically withdrawn from the  donation and sent to you daily.  

  • View how much every landing page has raised in Splits View. 

  • Manage your clients data as an agency user 

  • Issue refunds or cancel subscriptions from any of your clients

As a Revv Share you can: 

  • Connect as many existing organizations as you want

  • Create and duplicate donation pages in Splits View

  • Export data on landing pages and donors you are connected to

  • Refund donors and cancel subscriptions if they donated through a splits page

As a Revv Share you can't: 

  • Edit Organization settings 

  • Create new pages within the organization that aren't split

Why would you use a Revv Share account? 

  • When you want to collect fees from an organization, but the organization does not want to grant you full editing access. 

  • You are a list rental company or another partner who has a limited scope

See: Why should I have an Agency account?

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