If you are a cause or an agency that manages multiple non-profits or campaigns an an agency account may be the right fit for you.

With it, you get access to the following that is not included in a normal organization account:

Key Agency Features 

  • Add as many users as you want and set different permissions to view data or manage pages across your connected organizations

  •  Automatically deduct your fundraising fees as a percentage from client donations on a per page basis or as a global default

  • View how much every landing page has raised across all of your organizations and how much your fees have netted your agency

  • Issue refunds or cancel subscriptions to donors on behalf of your client

  • Connect integrations to send all of your data across all organizations to a CRM or database

Why would I need an Agency account? 

  • If you're a company that manages multiple organizations fundraising needs from top to bottom. 

  • If your organization has multiple entities that need to be separated for legal reasons. 

  • If your cause has multiple chapters/state organizations and you want to create a page for each chapter. 

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