i360 sits on the bleeding edge of technology, delivering innovative products and services through the strategic use of data, software and analytics.  i360’s dual customer base of political organizations and commercial clients presents a unique variety of business requirements that drive faster innovation and encourage cross-application of practices between verticals.

Revv's integration allows you to send your donation and petition data to your i360 dashboard and enhance your voter and supporter lists. 

Since i360 is a separate platform, refer to their contact page if you are having issues

Enabling the i360 Integration

  1. In your Revv account, head to the Utilities dropdown at the top of your screen

  2. Choose Integrations from the menu

  3. Click the green + button and then select i360

  4. Insert your i360 username and password

  5. Toggle to Active and press Save

Note: if you don't see i360 as an integration option, please reach out to our support team in the chat window to the bottom right of the screen

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