After the initial donation, Revv's upsells are a powerful way to ask the user to complete an additional action and now you can add a custom amount donation with the Custom Amount Upsell. 

Use cases for the Custom Amount Upsell include asking the donor to become a Recurring Member for $25 a month, or asking them to fund a new advertisement for $100. 

Things To Note:

  • Custom amount upsells are restricted from appearing before recurring and double upsells. 

  • If a custom amount upsell is added after a recurring upsell, and a donor user accepts the recurring upsell, they will not see the custom amount upsell.

Adding A Custom Amount Upsell

To add a Custom Amount Upsell, click the green plus button in the main page settings and then select Custom Amount Upsell:

You can then add an amount with an option description. Optionally include a recurring button and have it pre-filled if the ask is for a specific plan. 

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