After the initial donation, Revv's upsells are a powerful way to ask the user to complete an additional action and now you can add custom content with the Content Upsell. 

Use cases for the Content Upsell include asking the donor to retweet a specific tweet in support, liking or sharing a facebook post, or watching a video before they land on a final confirmation screen. You can use this as an opportunity to provide them the extra motivation needed before asking them for a higher donation through another type of upsell. 

Allowed Content and Embeds

The following types of content are whitelisted for use in the upsell: 

  • Facebook post embeds

  • Facebook like button embeds

  • Twitter tweet embeds

  • Twitter follow buttton embeds

  • YouTube video embeds

  • Vimeo video embeds

  • Images including GIFs

  • Formatted Text

Get in touch with us if you have custom requests.

Adding A Content Upsell

To add a Content Upsell, click the green plus button in the main page settings and then select Content Upsell:

You can add embed codes through the Source Code button in the editor and you can customize the Continue button text to your liking.  

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