Revv's  integration is a powerful tool that allows you to connect your organization's fundraising account with Zapier to send donation data, user data, and petition signers to 1000+ apps. 

Use cases for this feature are unlimited but here are some examples: 

  • Sending your donors into your MailChimp account and subscribing them to a  donor list

  • Sending custom email receipts to donors using your CRM

  • Sending all donation data into AirTable, Google Sheets or Quickbooks for analysis 

  • Putting petition signers into a drip sequence to try to turn them into donors

Connecting Revv and Zapier

  1. Make sure you have a Zapier account already created

  2. Navigate to the Utilities menu dropdown in Revv

  3. Select Integrations from the menu

  4. Click the green + button and add Zapier 

  5. Note your Organization Secret Key and Organization Revv UID

  6. Activate the integration in Revv

  7. Navigate to Zapier and use the Editor to 'Make A Zap'

  8. Choose Revv from the list

  9. Input the Organization Secret Key and Organization Revv UID you received from your Revv Integration Page

  10. Choose one of the 4 Revv Zap triggers (read about them here)

  11. Finalize your Zap: Finish configuring your trigger, action, (optional) filters and data. Test using the sample data

  12. Activate a Zap

Since Zapier is a separate platform, refer to their help site if you need assistance.

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