Revv's abandoned cart functionality is an important tool to rescue donors who don't complete the process. 

How It Works:

  1. Donor begins filling out a donation form or product page

  2. As soon as the donor enters an amount and email address, Revv stores it

  3. If the donor does not complete the process, the email address is added as an "Abandoned Cart" lead

  4. Donors can receive an email 20-30 minutes after abandonment by using Revv's email template OR you can use your Iterable integration to build sophisticated workflows

How To Use It:

Revv's Abandoned Cart Email Template

  • Go to Organization Settings > Emails

  • Click the green plus button to add a new email template type and select "Abandoned Cart"

  • Edit the copy to your liking. 

  • Merge parameters "-amount-" and "-product_name-" can be used. eg. $5 (-amount-) donation (-product_name-)

  • Email will send to donors

Iterable Integration

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