To create a new Initiative:

  1. Navigate to the Initiatives Index view and click on the green plus button. 

  2. From there you’ll choose the Initiative type which will ensure the correct types of available live pages are displayed in the Initiative Builder screen.

  3. Once you’ve selected the desired Initiative Type, you will be redirected to the Initiative Builder screen. 

  4. Here you can set the following components of your Initiative:

  • Name: A way to distinguish and sort through various Initiatives for your organization.  

  • Query Date: The date you want to begin counting actions (donations, subscriptions created, etc.) toward the Initiative. If left blank, the system will count all historical actions made.

  • Internal Goal: The overarching goal for your Initiative, only visible to users with access to your organization’s dashboard. 

  • Boost Goal: Adds the ability to show a higher initial number to landing page visitors—mostly helpful in the early days of kicking off a campaign/initiative or accounting for offline fundraising. 

  • External Goals: Goal benchmarks that can be displayed to donors via the landing page thermometer when added within a page’s pagebuilder. You can set multiple goals, so when low-level benchmarks are reached future donors are shown the a higher goal. 

Initiative Types:

Page Initiative

When toggled to Page, you can choose the pages you want to associate with the initiative. The available pages will depend on the Initiative Type (donation:donation pages, merchandise sales:merch pages, etc.). When a page has been added, you’ll be able to show the External Goal thermometer for the Initiative by selecting the Initiative from the dropdown in the pagebuilder’s widget section. 

UTM Initiative

When toggled to UTM, you’ll be able to customize the UTM parameters that, when used in a landing page URL, will count that donor’s actions toward the Initiative’s goal totals. You can add parameters for Campaign, Medium, Source, Content and Term. Keep in mind that you can add as few as one and as many as five, but if a value is present for a UTM parameter you must include that parameter in a URL for the action to add to the goal total. (i.e. if you have UTM Campaign, Medium and Content set, all three must be present in the URL). 

All Initiative
When toggled to All, an Initiative will track that action (donation, revenue, subscriptions, etc.) across all pages.

Exporting UTM Initiative links
Once you create your UTM Initiative, you’ll want to build the URLs to use in your marketing campaign. You can export a .csv with links to all of your live donation pages that fall within the parameters of your initiative type (donation pages for donations, merchandise pages for merch sales, etc.) with the utm params appended by clicking on the Links option from the actions dropdown in the Initiatives Index view. 

The .csv will spit out the following columns:

  • Name 

  • slug 

  • type 

  • url 

  • utm_source 

  • utm_content 

  • utm_campaign 

  • utm_medium

  •  utm_term

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