Once you’ve added one of your pages to an Initiative, you can add a thermometer on the page itself so that your donors can see the impact their action toward realizing your goals in real time! 

You can display said goals to your donors by checking the Enable Thermometer checkbox within the Widgets section of pagebuilder. 

You'll then need to designate a Default Initiative, by choosing from the dropdown list of available Initiatives Note: You must first add a page to a Pages Initiative in order for the page to be eligible to display a thermometer. An Initiative must have at least one set external goal for the thermometer to show on a landing page. Once a page has been added to a Pages Initiative, the thermometer displayed can be overwritten by a  source URL using UTMs tied to a UTM initiative. 

Bonus: Use the URL parameter goal_amount= (i.e. goal_amount=250) to set a personalized goal for the donor navigating to your landing pages. This will display a thermometer that shows a green checkmark when the donor selects an amount exceeding or equal to their “goal amount.” 

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