Revv's abandoned cart feature can be combined with Iterable.

There are no other extra settings that you need to turn on in Revv, but it's important to make sure that your Iterable integration is active and connected to your project.

Step 1: Set Trigger

Go into your Iterable project and head into the "Workflows" tab. Create a new workflow and change the trigger to "Added Item to Cart"

This will fire anytime someone fills out their personal info on a donation page.

Step 2: Creating Purchase Checks

Now you need to check if the user made a donation after they filled out their personal info on the donation page. 

To check if they've made a purchase, you'll need to add a "Fields Match" node and make the criteria: Purchase Date >>> Is On or After >>> now-30m (Note that the timing should correspond to any delays you are adding.

Step 3: Set delays and more checks

After you set the initial purchase check, it's up to you to decide how you want the rest of the workflow to work. You can set delays until the next day, check if they made a donation one more time, and fire off your email. The most important part is checking to see if they've donated at multiple times during the workflow and ending it if they have.

You don't want the person to get an email saying their donation was incomplete if they actually made a donation.!

Note: Because Iterable is a separate platform, be sure to refer to their support docs if you need further help.

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