Revv account set-up is built to be a pain free experience. Everything is done within Revv, so you won't need to leave our site at all to set up your account.

Step 1: Sign Up

Here you'll need to set your organization name, select your organization type, and sign up with your email. You also have the option to Sign Up with your Google account.

Step 2: Verify Organization Details

We'll need some official organization details to help verify your account. Here you'll need basic company info such as company contact information, address, and your organization's EIN tax ID.

Note - Your tax ID will be in this format: 00-0000000

Step 3: Verify Identity

Next, we'll need to verify the identity of you, or one of your organization's representatives. Here you'll put in personal information. This is a completely secure process, you can read more about Revv and Stripe's security here:

Step 4: Upload Owner Identification Documents

Here, you'll need to upload a government issued ID. Make sure that it's a clear picture, not a PDF, and not larger than 5MB.

Step 5: Submit for Verification

Finally, you can submit all of your entered info for verification.

At any time after step #1, you can hit the "I'll do this later" option at the bottom of the page. When you leave certain sections incomplete, you'll be brought to a screen that shows you what outstanding items you have left to verify or provide.

Adding a Bank Account

If you'd like to receive funds for your organization, you must set up a bank account in order to get payouts. To set up your bank account, go to Settings > Bank Account. You'll need your bank name, routing number, and account number.

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