When viewing your donations tab, you may see individual donations appear in one of three colors. This guide explains what those colors mean:

Green: Successful Payments

These payments went through without issue. You don't need to take any further action here. 

Yellow: Payment Under Review

Payments may be flagged for review for a number of reasons, including: 

  • Made from outside of the United States

  • Evaluated by Stripe to have a higher risk of fraud, more on that here

  • Made using an email address with an unusual domain

Organizations can customize the rules that govern which payments are placed in review by managing their Radar settings within their Stripe account. The donation details of a payment placed in review will display the reasoning for that particular review.  

You can read more about why payments are placed in review here.

Red: Failed Payment

To view these, you will need to filter on the donations tab:

Some reasons why a credit card payment might fail: 

  • Payment was declined by card issuer (expired credit card, insufficient funds) 

  • Blocked Payments (evaluated to be high risk, cvc/zip code do not match the information on file for the customer’s card issuer. 

You can read more about why a payment might fail here.

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