With Revv Pro, you can add Bundlers to your organization to help raise money. To get started, follow the steps below and reach out if you have additional questions.

What is the Bundler tool?

We built this feature to allow you to add bundlers to your account so you they can raise money for your organization through your Revv account. You can add a Bundler to your organization and assign them to a page and they can then use that page to raise money and track their progress.

If you are an organization on Revv, continue reading. If you are a Bundler, please scroll down to the section 'For Bundlers.'

For Organizations

Getting Started with the Bundler Program

You will need to be a Revv pro subscriber to access this feature.

Adding a Bundler 

You can start adding Bundlers and assigning them to your page

1. Log-in to Your Account
Head to app.revv.co

2. Look for the 'People' tab at the top
Click Bundlers in the sub-menu

3. Pick your Page
Choose your Default Bundler Page from the drop down menu

4. Add a Bundler
You can click the green + button on the right to add a new Bundler to your page. Insert your Bundler's email and create a unique id/slug for your Bundler. Click the green Invite Bundler button. This will send an email notification to your Bundler. 

Bundler Reporting

To see how Bundlers are performing and to see donations associated with their pages, head to the report builder tool.

There are two types of relevant reports to consider.

  1. A bundler report that will allow you to see top-level bundler performance

2. A donations report that will show you individual donations. This can be filtered by fundraiser_id to see donations attached to that specific bundler

The ID can be found on the 'Bundlers' tab under 'People'

For Bundlers

Registering as a Bundler

Once you receive an email notifying you that you've been added as a Bundler for a page, click the green Let's Go button in the email to get started. You will be brought to the organizations page. Click on the organization that you are bundling for.

Reporting for Bundlers

At the top right hand corner of the page, click on your account icon. It may look like this if you do not yet have a picture:

From the menu, click My Account. This will take you to your Bundler Dashboard. Here you can see your Bundler ID and the URL that you can send to potential donors. You can also see how much money you've raised .

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