In order to make sure your prints & embroidery come out as close to your original design as possible, it is imperative to provide us with the right file types. We also urge you to keep in mind the actual print space and your logo. Some designs may need to be restructured to mitigate white space on certain products. 

Below is a checklist we ask that you follow when prepping your files to be passed along for mock-ups and printing. 


Please send at least one of the following file types: 

  • .AI

  • .EPS

  • .PSD

  • .SVG


  • At least 300 dpi 


  • All text should be rasterized or converted to outlines or curves

  • If this is not possible, please provide the font files along with the design


  • All images, graphics, or other outsourced files must be embedded instead of linked or placed


  • Please specify Pantone colors

Design Do's & Don'ts for Embroidery

Embroidery Do's

  • Do Consider size of artwork space - think about the surface area of the front portion of a hat when creating your design

  • Do Consider color contrast in regards to the thread on the garment -- light thread works best on dark garments; dark thread works best on light garments

  • Do use simple shapes

  • Do choose a Sans Serif font as these fonts tend to be the most legible

  • Do Choose a font with a decent amount of space between characters so the letters do not run into each other when sewn 

Embroidery Don'ts

  • Don't use a small amount of the artwork space provided - If you only use half of the height of the space provided, your design will only be around 1 inch tall

  • Don't use overly complex or detailed shapes.

  • Don't use shadows or shading.

  • Don't use color gradients.

  • Don't use photographs.

  • Don't Choose a hard to read or complex/ detailed font.

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