After the initial donation, Revv's upsells are a powerful way to ask the user to complete an additional action. Now you can add a merchandise upsell with our zero-touch e-commerce platform.

Merchandise Upsells allow you to ask the donor if they'd like to donate an additional amount in order to receive a product.  

How do I create my own merchandise?:

  1. Reach out to your customer success manager to request the print on demand product catalog

  2. Choose the items you'd like to test and send a high-res psd or png file to your customer success manager

  3. The team at Revv will create product mock-ups reflective of how your items would print for your review and approval

  4. Once mocks are approved the team at Revv will finalize the product set-up process and alert you once your products are ready

Adding A Merchandise Upsell

To add a Merchandise Upsell, navigate to Pages then to Upsells in the secondary header and click the green plus button to select Merchandise Upsell:

  1. Begin filling out the information in the Merchandise Upsell, start with naming your upsell and then choosing the product from your dropdown menu. Remember, these products will only populate once the Revv team has completed the set-up process. 

  2. Outline the price you'd like to set this upsell at, making sure this will cover the cost of the product, shipping and processing fees. 

  3. Create a custom call to action that you'd like to prompt your donors with
  4. Since your product image will populate within the upsell, you do not need to check off the enhanced upsell box
  5. Click Save

Once your upsell has been created navigate to "Upsell Groups"  in the header, click the green plus button, name your upsell group and select the upsell page you just built out. Be sure to click save once you're finished. 

Lastly you will need to navigate back to your pages tab and select the donation page you'd like to append this merchandise upsell to. 

Click "Upsell Group" on the left hand side and select the merchandise upsell you just created, then click save. 

Click view-page to ensure your donation flow looks the way you want it to, once you're ready set your page to live and click save. 

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