Money Pledge is a way for donors to give an additional donation automatically on a future date. This guide will provide all the information you need to know about this feature.

Creating a Money Pledge

Click the Pages tab, followed by the Goals & Campaigns tab from the sub-menu.

Click the green plus button, and choose Money Pledge from the drop-down menu.

From here, you'll need to input an Internal Name that is not public-facing, a Public Name and the Date of the Money Pledge (Note: this date cannot be changed once saved).

Here you can also customize the receipt that the donor will receive if they opt into the Money Pledge:

Add a Money Pledge to a Page

In your Page Builder, click the Widgets tab. Here you can add the Money Pledge that you've created. You can also choose to pre-check the Money Pledge on your page.

Note: Once the date of the Money Pledge has arrived, the checkbox will automatically stop displaying on your page.

Here's what your donors will see:

Tracking Your Money Pledge

In your Goals & Campaigns tab, you can view the success of your Money Pledge. You'll see the following data:

  • Pledged

  • Canceled

  • Failed

  • Processed

You can download a report of these transactions by clicking on the ellipses and selecting Download Opt-Ins from the drop-down

Additional Information

Money Pledges can be added to any donation page, but the Money Pledge donation itself will have the following rules:

  • Agency/Revv Share fees will be ignored

  • Merchandise fees will be ignored

  • Merchandise order will not be created


  • You have a donation page with a mug for $25 or more

  • Donor gives $25 & opts-in to the Money Pledge on June 30

  • Donor will receive a mug for their donation today

  • Donor will NOT receive a mug for their June 30 Money Pledge donation

Other Details:

  • The pledge will go through on the date intended through the same source URL

  • Donors will receive a reminder three days before the Money Pledge is to be charged letting them know of the upcoming donation.

  • There are new Money Pledge columns in the Revv Reporting export

  • If you have the same money pledge on your landing page and upsell, if the donor opts into the landing page money pledge, the money pledge upsell will not display to the donor. If the money pledge on the upsell is different, it will display.

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