What's changed in Revv?

Revv has redesigned our dashboard to support a range of new features while also making using the platform easier and more intuitive.

  • Track donors, donations, and subscriptions
  • Issue refunds and cancel subscriptions
  • Join and manage multiple organizations from one user
  • Set up new organizations in minutes
  • Build mobile-friendly and highly customizable landing pages with different layouts
  • Sell products with different prices and quantities with product pages
  • Sell tickets with different prices with event pages
  • Seamless custom subdomain support
  • Make payments directly from your admin account
  • Set your tracking and reports to match your time zone
  • Improved page editor

Additionally, creating a Revv account is now completely self-serve and automated. NOTE: Revv has an internal approval process to vet new accounts to make sure they meet our guidelines. New accounts cannot accept live payments until they have been approved.

Manage the confirmation emails donors will receive when they make regular and recurring donations.

  • Send customizable email receipts for regular and recurring donations
  • Add powerful substitution variables to personalize your email copy
  • Set a contact email to manage receipt replies
  • Add true 1 click donations to emails for logged in donors (note: We have removed the campaign ID requirement)

Revv now integrates with the following platforms:

  • Crowdskout
  • Salesforce
  • Iterable
  • NationBuilder
  • Optimizely
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon S3
  • FTP


Revv now offers different page types, layouts, and step configurations to match your exact use case. Our new page builder is easier, more powerful and more intuitive.

  • Donation Page: A landing page for a standard donation. Complete with customizable elements, unlimited upsells, and increased functionality.
    Event Page: Event pages allow customers to build a landing page for an event complete with ticket prices, and event locations.
  • Product Page: Product pages allow customers to sell items directly from their page. Customize form details for pricing, add photos of your product, and ask customers for an additional donation.
  • Customize logos, backgrounds, colors and mobile banners on each page
  • Improved interface to create, order, and delete upsells
  • Add unlimited custom fields and configure them in any location on the form
  • Unlimited amount options
  • Include descriptions for amount options
  • Custom fields are now available as text fields, text areas, number fields, dropdown selectors, checkboxes, hidden fields, and information disclaimers.
  • Toggle whether you want to include fields like phone, shipping address, and employer address.
  • More customizable recurring options, including weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions
  • Customize CSS with improved CSS override features and classes
  • Bundling support

Revv now offers the following upsells to maximize your donor engagement:

  • Double upsell: Ask donors to double their processed donation
  • Recurring upsell: Asks donors to make their processed donation recur on a pre-set interval
  • Product upsell: Sell merchandise with set prices and quantities to donors after their processed donation
  • Password upsell: Asks donors to create a Revv account, making it easier for them to donate to you in the future.

Revv is now proud to offer robust, configurable and automated reports delivered to your inbox and integrations like Amazon S3 and FTP servers.

  • Quickly filter and export reports directly from your donors, donations, and subscriptions dashboard.
  • Create a report based on configurable conditions, customize and reorder your .csv file fields, and set a dynamic filename for your report
  • Run your report instantly or automate your report to run on a schedule
  • Send your report to scheduled integrations
  • Customize what data is written to charges and customers within Stripe

We’ve made it easier to track which marketing channels your donations came from.

  • Revv now automatically writes UTM parameters to all donations, donors, and subscriptions, allowing you to track them directly from the Revv dashboard. 

Donors who create Revv accounts can view their account dashboard where they can manage their account. This functionality has also been expanded to support organization users. Users can do the following from their dashboard:

  • Update their payment method and account information
  • View their donation history
  • View and cancel recurring subscriptions

We’ve greatly expanded the functionality and ease-of-use for Agency accounts.

  • Track donors, donations, and subscriptions across your connected organizations from one unified dashboard
  • Build and track “Split” pages your agency is assigned to from one unified dashboard
  • Build robust reports across all of your connected organizations
  • Add multiple organizations to an agency and multiple agencies to an organization.
  • Collect different fees on a per-page basis
  • Restrict access to your account for “Revv share” type agencies. This allows agencies to collect fees without being able to access organization accounts

Deprecated features

  • Removed Apple Pay - We’ve removed our support for Apple Pay temporarily
  • Revv has removed support for the following integrations: Constant Contact, Silverpop, Blue Hornet, Campaign Monitor, Paramount Communications, Inbox First, and Verve Mail
  • Markdown support - Revv no longer requires knowledge of markdown to style elements on your landing page. Simply use our WYSIWYG.
  • Form builder - We’ve merged page builder and form builder into one easy tool
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