Revv SalesForce Integration

Revv's integration with SalesForce does two things:

1. Creates a contact for the donor.

2. Creates an opportunity for their donation, closes it, and marks it as won.

In order to set up the integration within Revv, you'll need the following from SalesForce:

1. Username and Password
2. OAuth Consumer Key
3. OAuth Secret Key
4. OAuth Security Token


During the process of setting up a New App within your SalesForce account, you'll have access to your OAuth Consumer and Secret Key. If you do not have your OAuth Security Token saved somewhere, you'll need to reset it. In order to reset your OAuth Security Token you'll need to take the following steps within SalesForce:

Reset your SalesForce Security Token

1. Access the "Reset Security Token" section within your Settings (User Settings —> Settings —> Reset Security Token) in SalesForce


2. Click on the Reset Security Token button and check your email for the token. Save that token somewhere.

Create a new app in SalesForce
1. Go to Setup in your SalesForce account

2. Click Apps, then App Manager


3. Click the New Connected App button


4. Name the Connected App and API Name "Revv" and enter your contact email (the email you use for your SalesForce username)


5. Enter the Revv Email Settings URL for the Callback URL (


6. Enable "Full Access" under the Selected OAuth Scopes section (Click on "Full access" and click on the "Add" button to the right of the field)


7. Click Save

8. You should now see the Consumer Key which you'll need to paste into the corresponding field within your Revv settings


9. You should also see a Consumer Secret Key that you'll need to click on to reveal. Paste that into the corresponding field within your Revv settings as well


Create Custom Fields within SalesForce
Salesforce can automatically accommodate most fields aside from Revv ID, MRC, HPC, and Donation Date. In order to pull this information into SalesForce, you'll need to create custom fields within SalesForce.

1. Go to Setup

2. Go to "Objects and Fields" section within your account and create New ( Object and Fields —> Object Manager —> Contact —> Fields & Relationships —> New)


3. You'll be prompted for the Data Type of this new field, for HPC and MPC you'll select "Currency", for RevvID you'll select "Number", and for DonationDate you'll select "Date"


4. Label the fields accordingly (MRC, HPC, RevvID, and DonationDate)

5. Set HPC and MRC fields to 16 digits with 2 decimal places, while RevvID should be set to 18 digits and 0 decimal places.


6. Next, you'll be asked to set the security settings for the field.  Click "visible" on the column header


7. Click Save

8. In some cases, SalesForce may automatically append a string to the end of your custom "Field Names". You'll need to double check the "Field Names" of all three custom fields to confirm that your Field Mapping within Revv matches the "Field Names" showing in SalesForce. If any discrepancies exist with "field names", the entire integration will not function.


Create Integration within Revv
1. Navigate to your Settings within Revv
2. Click on the Emails section and choose SalesForce from the drop-down menu
3. Enter your SalesForce Username & Password, as well as all required OAuth Keys.
4. Click Save


Field Mapping within Revv
Now that you've created these custom fields within SalesForce, confirm that the "Field Names" Revv's Field Mapping match up exactly with what SalesForce uses to name these fields. If there are any discrepancies, the integration will break.




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