How do I cancel my recurring payment?

Revv offers you a few different ways to cancel your recurring payments and subscriptions. Here are some ways:

If you have a Revv account

1. Log in to your account at

2. Select the Account button on the upper right-hand side bar. You can also click here:

3. Click Subscriptions on your Revv profile.

4. Find the organization you have created a recurring donation with.

5. Click the "..." icon on the right-hand side of your subscription and click Cancel

6. You will be taken to a confirmation page. Click Cancel Subscription if you're sure you want to cancel your recurring donation. 

7. Your recurring donation has been canceled.

If you don't have a Revv account

You can reach out directly to the organization and ask them to cancel your subscription. 

We're also more than happy to answer your request! Just submit a request here or send us an email at Make sure you include the name of the organization you donated to, the email address you used to make your donation, and the amount the donation was for. We'll cancel your subscription within one business day.

We often recommend not replying to any email receipts sent either by us or our customers -- we receive thousands of replies to those email addresses, making it impossible to check those inboxes. It's better to reach out directly.

Note: If you opted into a recurring payment while not signed into your Revv account, you may not be able to see the subscription in your Subscriptions tab. Please contact us at to manage that subscription. 

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