How does Revv work?

Revv works by allowing donors to create an account with us when they donate on your Revv donation page. When donors create an account, they save their info with us and remain logged into Revv on their browser.

That way, the next time a donor wants to donate again, we have all the info we need to securely process their donation in just one tap. Because we allow donors to give across causes, when they save their account with anyone else, they can donate to your cause in one tap, too.

This makes life easier for donors who no longer have to fill out tedious forms or find their wallet. It boosts your conversion rates, raising more money for your cause.

Revv is a form builder and management system which allows you to build landing pages without any coding. We take care of the page hosting, SSL certificates, data formatting and all of the other tedious things that come with taking payments online. Stay focused on raising money – we’ll handle the coding and server traffic.


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