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What are forms?

To start processing donations with Revv, you need to build a place where your donors can go to actually make their donation. The first step is to create a form using the form builder tool. A form is the functional component of the landing page (whereas pages are where you add creative components). You then take forms and add them to pages in the page builder tool.

Revv's forms, pages, and campaigns are all separated from each other by design. This is allows you complete flexibility in how you build landing pages. This way you don't have to create a new form every time you publish a new page and you don't have to build a new page every time you create a new one-tap campaign.

To access your forms, go the Forms page. There, you'll see a list of your most recent forms you've created, as well as what type of form each is (singlestep or multistep).

Creating and editing forms

To create a new form, click New in the top right of the Forms page. This will take you to the New Form view. This view is where you set many of the more advanced configurations on your form. For more information about editing these configurations, choose from the topics in the Forms section.


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