Publishing and managing pages

What are pages?

Pages are the full landing pages where your forms are displayed. These are the URLs that you send donors to. Pages are generally where you add the creative elements on your Revv donation page, like the take-action copy, disclaimers, colors and background images.

Remember you must have a form published before you can publish a page. Go to the forms section to publish a form.

You can add a new page by clicking the New button on the pages view. You can also duplicate any previously published pages by selecting the page(s) and choosing copy from the Bulk actions dropdown.


Setting the slug

The page slug is the end of the URL. If your page's URL is the slug would be the "hello" part. Make sure you set this to regular characters, and never use spaces.

Adding a form

Choose a form that you've previously saved to your Revv profile to the page. This form carries all of the functional components of your Revv landing page with it like amounts, recurring options, additional fields and upsells.


Customizing form detail colors

You can select a form details color to match the contents of your landing page. This feature changes the color of the buttons, progress bar, checkboxes, and links. Make sure this color is dark enough to be easily read as a background for white text. We also recommend staying away from red (our errors are shown in red).

You can drag your cursor to the color you want by using the color picker or you can paste the color's hex code in the field provided.


Customizing the background

Choose whether you want to use a photo or solid color fill for your background in the dropdown menu. You can upload your own photo by clicking Upload and choosing your desired photo from your computer or previously uploaded photos. If you want to use a solid color fill background, you can drag your cursor to the color you like using the color picker or you can paste the color HEX code in the field provided.


Setting the published status

You can choose to either save the page as an unpublished draft, publish it privately, or publish it publicly. If you want to save your page privately to send around for internal approvals, simply choose Password protected from the dropdown menu and give your page a password. There are no minimum character requirements for this. If you've saved your page as published, your page is now live and ready to accept donations. If you've saved your page as a draft, you can click the Preview button at the bottom of the page to preview what your landing page will look like. If you've saved your page as password protected, anyone who wants to view the page will need to input the password you've provided. Make sure they know to leave the username text box empty.


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