Managing payments in Stripe

Revv payments are facilitated through Stripe, which always has the most up-to-the-minute accounting of your organization. Stripe is where you process the payments, issue refunds and settle chargebacks, so it makes sense to always go to the source when dealing with reporting. When we generate automated and manual reports for you, we look up charges directly from Stripe to get the most accurate report possible.

This means that Stripe's dashboard can be really useful for tracking your donations, customers and recurring plans.

To view individual payments, click the Payments option from the Stripe menu. Stripe will display the most recent payments in a list. Click View all payments to a longer list of all of your organization's payments.

To filter your results by date, amount, or status, click the Filter button in the top right. You can also export filtered or unfiltered results using the Export button. This will download a .csv file of all of the payments you've filtered.

You can search for payments made by the Stripe Charge ID, Customer ID, or email address.

Each payment will show some information, including the amount, whether or not it has been refunded, the fees (Hover the "i" to see a breakdown of the Stripe and Revv fees) and the date and time of the payment. This view also contains a list of all of the metadata that has been included on the payment. Here's where you'll find the donor and tracking information about the payment that shows up in export files.

Below this is information about the credit card associated with the payment, as well as a link to the customer associated with the payment.

It's important to note that Revv populates each Stripe payment with your necessary donor data like name, address, employment information and tracking codes with metadata. We will add as much data to each payment as we can, and may be able accommodate adding specific metadata to your payments upon request.

This metadata populates the last few columns of the exported file from Stripe, in addition to a bunch of pre-set fields that Stripe automatically populates. This file can't be customized from Revv's end.

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