How to cancel recurring plans in Stripe

Revv uses Stripe to manage our recurring payments. Stripe does this with subscriptions. Each time a recurring payment is made, a subscription plan is created for that amount and a Stripe customer is added to that subscription plan. If a customer has a recurring plan subscription, Revv will use Stripe to process a payment each subsequent month.

To cancel a recurring subscription, go to subscriptions to view a list of your most recent recurring plan subscribers. Then, choose the plan you want to cancel. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Cancel subscription.

You can also search for the email address or customer ID of the donor for whom you want to cancel the plan. View the customer for the plan, then scroll down until you reach the Active subscriptions section for the customer. A customer can have as many subscriptions as they want. Click Cancel subscription from the dropdown button to cancel their recurring plan. When you cancel the plan, the plan will disappear from their active subscriptions list.

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