Sending one-tap emails using campaigns

Setting up a one-tap campaign

One-tap donations are donations that occur with a single tap of the finger or click of a mouse directly from within emails. If a donor is logged in to their Revv account and clicks on a one-tap link within your fundraising email, their donation will be processed immediately - dramatically improving your conversion rate.

One-tap donations are triggered by a set of parameters that you pass into the URLs while building your email within your Email Service Provider (ESP). The parameters you need to pass into your one-tap URL are: page URL, campaign ID, email address, and amount.

Campaign IDs are automatically generated strings of random letters and numbers. To create a new campaign, go to the Campaigns page within Revv and click New. Give your campaign a name and click Save. This campaign is now ready to be used to process one-tap donations.


Building a one-tap donate URL

To use your campaign to create a URL to process one-tap donations, click the Get URL link for your campaign. This brings up the URL builder tool which allows you to build a one-tap URL directly from within the Revv app. Choose the landing page you want your campaign to be associated with. Then, choose the email variable you would like to pass in. This is the variable you find in your ESP's settings that allows you to pass in a unique email for each donor you send the email to (It's usually something like [%email%], but it varies from one ESP to the other). This variable gets replaced by your ESP within your URL once you send the email. We require passing through the donor's email address to validate that you know who you're asking to donate.

Finally, enter your amount in dollar terms, meaning a $3.00 would be passed through as "3" (Additionally, a $2.50 donation can still be passed through as "2.5").

The URL builder takes all of the parameters you just entered and properly formats them into one custom URL which can be pasted directly into your email template.

You cannot process a one-tap donation without passing through all of the parameters:

Campaign ID: This also ensures only someone associated with your Revv account is the one who activated one-tap donations.

Email address: This is to verify you know the email address of the donor who is donating via one-tap.

Amount: This tells Revv how much the payment is for. A complete one-tap campaign URL will look like this:
Let's break this down: This is your published page.

?campaign_id=jnsdgpiUHESTlkn2309unjadgu: This is your randomly generated campaign ID. Notice that the first parameter (no matter if it's a Revv parameter or some other tracking parameter you use) always starts with "?". If it's not your first parameter, use "&" instead.

& The email associated with the donor's Revv account.

&amount=10: The amount to be processed for the donation. You can pass through values with decimals in them, for example: "&amount=20.16".


Some notes about one-tap donations

A donor cannot process a one-tap donation unless they are logged in to Revv on their browser. If they are not logged in, they will be taken to a regular donation form where they can log in to their account and process their donation. The user can also complete the donation without logging in by simply filling out all of their personal and payment info.

A user may be logged out of their account if they clear their browser cookies. If they are using a different browser than the one they logged in to Revv on, they will not be logged in to Revv.

To prevent accidental double donations using one-tap links, Revv only allows users to donate to the same campaign ID once every 15 minutes.


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