Pre-filling fields via URL

If you have a donor's data already, you can pass that into your URL to auto-populate all of the fields in your form. To do this, pass in the following parameters to fill out their respective fields:

  • &recurring=true Sets recurring to be checked automatically. Overrides default.
  • &sc= Sets source code, even if there is no source code field present. Overrides default.
  • &bundler_id= Sets bundler ID, even if there is no Bundler ID field present. Overrides default.
  • &campaign_id= Activates one-click campaign as well as tracks all donations to that campaign from within Revv
  • &email= Requirement for one-click campaigns. Should be passed through as an ESP variable into links.
  • &amount= Requirement for one-click campaigns. Sets donation amount for one-click donations and sets checked donation amount for regular donations.
  • &firstname= Fills out First Name field.
  • &lastname= Fills out Last Name field.
  • &address= Fills out Address field. Note that there may be some character encoding issues for spaces, so test how Verve handles these beforehand.
  • &city= Fills out City field.
  • &state= Fills out State field. Must be passed as two-digit abbreviation.
  • &employer= Fills out Employer Field.
  • &occupation= Fills out Occupation Field.
  • &phone= Fills out Phone field. As always, any time you pass in parameters via URL, the first parameter (regardless of what it is) should start with ?example= and any subsequent parameters should start with &example=.
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