How do I update my payment method?

When you create a Revv account, we save all of the information needed to process a donation for most causes using Revv. That way, when you come back, we have everything you need to process a donation in one tap.

If you would like to update your payment method, log into your account at Choose Payment Info from the menu:



You can see your saved credit card on your account. To update it, click the Update button:



Then, enter your new credit card information and click Save.

You can also update your credit card on any Revv donation page by clicking Update card on the form. Enter your card information and click Update card to submit your changes.


How to delete your saved payment method

You can also delete your saved credit card by clicking Delete card after clicking the Update button. Note that this will cause you to no longer to be able to make donations using your account, including any active recurring payments you have set up.


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