Adding additional fields

Revv allows you the ability to add custom fields to your forms. You can use these fields to gather input from your donors as well as pass through tracking info into hidden fields. Revv currently allows you to add up to four custom additional fields.

Adding an additional field

Add additional fields while editing your forms. At the bottom of the new form view, click Add additional field. Give the field a name, which acts as a placeholder on the form. Choose where on the form you would like your additional field to be located. Selecting a section of the form places the additional field at the end of that section. If you choose the employer section, your additional field will be filled in as "retired" when someone checks the box indicated that they're retired.

Choose the input type. Currently, Revv offers customizable text fields, comment boxes, dropdown selectors, and hidden fields. If you choose the selector option, list each option as a comma-separated value.

Add a label to the field to add any additional explanatory text above the field.

You can also decide if the field is required to complete a donation or not.

Pre-filling additional fields via URL

Using URL parameters to pre-fill additional fields is particularly helpful if you would like to pass through tracking codes on a per-donor basis using hidden fields. To pre-fill an additional field, use the following syntax:


For example. If the additional field name is "color",and you would like to track that a donor was "red", you would use the following syntax:


Learn more about filling out fields via URL parameters here.


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