How to connect Revv to Nationbuilder

Revv integrates directly with your Nationbuilder nation. When you connect your nation to Revv, Revv automatically starts sending back your donors' contributions to the Finance tab in Nationbuilder.

To connect Revv to Nationbuilder, choose Integrations from your Revv settings and click Add Integration. Choose Nationbuilder (new) from the list of available integrations. Add your Nationbuilder 'slug' and the list ID for any lists you would like to add Revv donors to and click Connect to Nationbuilder.

Revv integrates with Nationbuilder via Oauth, which means you may need to enter your Nationbuilder credentials if you're not already logged into your account. Once you authorize Revv to connect, you will be directed back to Revv.


Tracking email sends with source codes

Revv automatically passes any donations with source codes to your Nationbuilder's communications tab. We use the source code to populate the tracking code column in the Finances tab.


Tracking email sends via UTM_campaign

Revv automatically tracks any donations with the URL params containing ?UTM_campaign= into Nationbuilder's communication tab. This parameter populates the email slug, allowing you to track Revv donations back to each email send.


Adding additional fields

You can use Revv's field mapping tool within the Nationbuilder integration view to add any additional fields Revv passes through into your nation, including MRC and HPC. Choose the field you would like to pass into your nation, and then include the custom field name as you created it in Nationbuilder.

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