Using upsells on your forms

Revv's upsell feature allows you to maximize the impact of your donors by adding additional take actions after they convert. These can be configured when you create or edit each form.

To add an upsell step, click the Add Upsell Page button on the form tool.


Recurring upsells

Recurring programs are a powerful way to keep your donors engaged and provide your cause predictable monthly revenue. The recurring upsell checks to see if a donor has started a recurring plan or not when they made their donation. If they have not yet opted into a recurring plan, this gives them the option to start a monthly plan with the amount they just donated. You can use this take action to motivate your donors to make a long-term commitment to your cause. 

The term for each recurring upsell is inherited from the term that is set on the donation form. If you've enabled monthly recurring donations on the form, the recurring upsell will be monthly. If you've enabled weekly recurring donations, then the upsell will be weekly.


Double down upsells

When someone activates as one of your donors, they're identifying themselves as someone who cares enough about your cause to invest in it. The double down upsell gives them a shot to double their impact by creating a second donation for the amount they've just given.


Account creation upsells

Signing up for an account allows donors the ability to easily give to your cause in the future as well as allows them to manage their account info, view their donation history, and manage their recurring plans. This upsell step gives displays a field to enter a password to create a Revv account.


Configuring and reordering upsells

For all upsells, you can customize what information you convey to donors to make them take action, in both the header and paragraph text. You can also customize the accept and decline buttons to match your call to action. Remember that the buttons are only so wide - if you add too much text, it will run over. The header and paragraph boxes support markdown.

Upsells can be edited and reordered at any time once they've been saved. To edit a previously saved upsell, click the large, gray button with the name of the upsell step to display its settings. Rearrange the order of the upsells by dragging and dropping them into the order you want.

To remove an upsell step from your form, click the Remove upsell page button.


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