Managing different recurring options

Revv allows your donors to subscribe to recurring donation plans. This means that while making their contribution, if your donor checks the box to opt into recurring donations, they will be charged for their initial donation, and then again moving forward for the time period they select.


Weekly vs. monthly recurring donations

Revv offers the ability to set the recurring terms to be either monthly or weekly. You choose which term you would like to use on the form builder. While monthly recurring donations will be continued in perpetuity, weekly donations must be set with an end date. If the term is set to 'weekly', a donation will be created every 7 days until the plan expires.

If you set the recurring term on your form to be weekly, Revv will continue to display the weekly option with its scheduled end date on the form until that end date approaches. Once that date passes, Revv will automatically remove the weekly option and replace it with the option to make it monthly.


Setting recurring automatically via URL

If you're launching a recurring membership drive for your donors, you can set recurring to be checked automatically once donors land on your page. You can do this on the form builder or by using URL parameters in the following syntax:





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