Customizing 'thank you' pages

Revv allows you to use our default 'thank you' pages or your own custom confirmation page.


Using Revv's default 'thank you' page

Revv's default 'thank you' pages can be customized using the form builder. Both the header and paragraph copy on 'thank you' pages can be customized. Additionally, you can set links to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you're using Google Tag Manager or vanilla Google Analytics to track your Google Ecommerce metrics, using Revv's default 'thank you' pages is probably the best way to go. We automatically populate all of the conversion snippets to update your Google Analytics account. If you don't use our 'thank you' pages, Revv has no way of populating donors' conversions, so you'll have to do some work on your end to make sure your tracking data gets passed through correctly.


Using your own 'thank you' page

If you would like to use your own thank you page, you may do so. However, note that Revv doesn't allow successful donations to redirect to any domain that is not the one configured on your Revv account.

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