How to set up two-factor authentication

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an enhanced layer of security that we offer to all of our client accounts. Two-factor protects your account in the event that someone gains access to your password. 

Two-factor authentication works by pairing something you know (your password) with something you have (your phone). That way, if someone gains access to your password, they still can't get into your account because only you have access to your phone. This added layer of protection makes it harder for your account to be compromised.

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Adding Two-Factor authentication using Duo

While two-factor authentication is not required, we highly recommend enabling it on your Revv account.

Revv uses Duo, a secure outside service to handle two-factor authentication. After you enter your Revv username and password, you are prompted with Duo's workflow to set up two-factor. You may elect to skip the setup process by clicking the blue Skip two-factor setup button at the bottom of the form. 

Click Start setup to begin. 


Select the type of device you would like to set up. We recommend you use a smartphone for the most secure experience. From here on out we’re going to assume you’re using a mobile phone.


Enter your phone number and verify that it’s correct by clicking the checkbox.


Select your phone make.


Install the Duo Mobile app. Duo Mobile is an easy and secure method of two-factor authentication that uses push notifications on your phone every time you log in. If you aren’t interested in downloading the app, you can still log in using a phone call or text message.


Using your Duo Mobile app, scan the barcode presented on Revv’s screen using the app’s built-in barcode scanner that automatically pops up. 


Once you’ve scanned the barcode, your mobile phone has been registered with the Duo service. Click the Continue button.


Once you have registered your device with Duo, you will be able to customize your preferences when using two-factor authentication.


We recommend leaving the default settings intact and clicking Continue to Login.


Your device is now ready to receive and approve Duo two-factor authentication requests.


Log in using Duo two-factor authentication

When using a mobile phone you will be presented with three options to process your verification. 


If you’ve chosen a mobile phone as your secondary device, you will be prompted to choose one of three authentication methods:

  1. Send Me a Push - This is the most secure method available. You will first need to download the Duo Mobile app. Once downloaded and set up, the Duo Mobile app will receive push notifications that will allow you to verify your login attempt directly from your phone.
  2. Call Me - You will receive a phone call from an automated service that will prompt you to verify your identity by pressing any button on your phone.
  3. Enter a Passcode - You will be prompted to enter their phone number so you receive a text message on your phone that contains a 6-digit passcode. Once you receive the passcode, enter the passcode into the field within the Revv app and click Log in.

Every time you attempt to log in to your Revv account, you will need to have your secondary device on hand in order to complete your login attempt.


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