Filtering data using the Explore tool

Manager users can access the Explore tool from the navbar.


Choosing your columns

By default, Revv displays all columns of data about your donations in the Explore view. To change the columns that are displayed, click on the green-outlined Columns button.

De-select any undesired columns by unchecking each field you would like to remove.

Close the columns box by clicking on the x at the top right.


Adjusting the dates

Choose the dates that you would like to filter by clicking within the date fields and either typing in the date or selecting from the drop-down calendar option.


Filtering by condition

Click on the select drop-down menu under the conditions header and choose a condition that you would like to sort by. For example, you can choose Amount.

Once you choose a condition, select an option from the operator drop-down menu (equals, not equal to, etc.).

Enter the specific variable into the field provided next to the contains menu. For example, State contains CA.

Click filter to produce the report using your desired filters.


You can now export a file or build a report from the data you've filtered.


Learn more: Build a report

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