Using shortcodes

Revv allows for shortcodes, which allow you to display dynamic content on your page. You can add shortcodes in the page builder tool and then pass through the dynamic values via URL. 


While creating a page, insert your shortcode key within the Take Action Details fields using this syntax:




Then, create a URL that directs donors to this page, including the following string at the end of the URL in order to function:




By inserting the shortcode into both the Take Action Details as well as the URL itself, donors will see a customized version of the page tailored to their own personal information.


For example, if you include the following shortcode within the Take Action Details of your page:


"Your support is crucial to our efforts {{firstname}}!"


And add the following string to the end of the URL:




Your page will then display the following:


"Your support is crucial to our efforts John!"


You can add default values to display if there is no dynamic value that has been passed into the field:


{{firstname default="Friend"}}


You can use your email service provider (ESP) to create dynamic URLs that will include the names of your email recipients. You can even use multiple shortcodes within the same page.


Note that if you use the same parameters, your forms may pass a donor's information automatically, pre-filling fields. 

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