Building, scheduling and downloading a report


Manager users can use the Reports tool to build single (one-off) or automated reports using the data they've filtered from the Explore tool. 


To build a report, follow these steps:

  1. After filtering your data set using the Explore tool, click on the blue Build Report button on the Explore tool.

  2. You will now have the ability to customize the Column header of each column included in your report via the Column Mapping function. Type in the field that you would like to customize. If you leave these blank, the report will generate using the standard column headers.

  3. Beneath the listed Column headers you have the ability to Add Static Column to the end of your report. A static column will populate the same value in that column for each row. Click Add Static Column and enter a Column Header and Static Value.

  4. Choose the Schedule for how often you would like to run your report. You can select Single, Nightly, Weekly, or Monthly. A single report will be generated for use immediately. Other scheduled reports will run at midnight for the designated period.

  5. Select the Time Zone you would like to use. The report will be run at midnight for whichever time zone you choose.

  6. Customize your Report Filename. Use dynamic formatting if you would like to populate the filename with dynamic dates or times.

  7. Enter the Email Recipients for those who will be receiving a link to download this report. To add multiple recipients, enter each address separated by commas. Note that users must be logged in to their Revv account in order to download these files.

  8. Click Save to create this report. You’ll be taken to your Reports dashboard which shows you all of your scheduled and single reports that have been generated on your account.

  9. You can download your report at any time by clicking the green download button on each report in your reports list.
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